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Structure Description of LC Vertical Long Shaft Pump

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Structure Description of LC Vertical Long Shaft Pump

LC vertical long axis pump has vertical inlet downward, horizontal outlet, single foundation installation, direct connection between pump and motor, and counter-clockwise rotation from motor end.

The impeller of LC vertical long shaft pump adopts balanced hole to balance the axial force. The front and rear cover plates of the impeller are equipped with replaceable sealing rings to protect the impeller and the pump body. The middle shaft, riser and guard pipe of the pump are multi-section, and the sleeve coupling technology is used for the connection of the middle shaft. The number of riser pipes can be increased or decreased according to the user's needs to adapt to different underwater depths. The impeller and guide vane are multi-stage, which can meet different lift requirements. The pump water pipes are connected by flanges with guide bearings in the middle. The guide bearings of pumps are filled with reinforced PTFE, Tianlong or Cylon bearings. The shaft is protected by protective pipe. When transporting sewage, the guide bearings must be provided with external cooling and lubricating water.

The residual axial force and the weight of the rotor components of LC vertical long shaft pump are borne by the thrust bearing in the motor seat or by the motor with thrust bearing. Thrust bearings are lubricated with thin oil and cooled by external water. Thrust bearing can be embedded with temperature control elements. The shaft seal of the pump is packed seal, and a replaceable sleeve is installed at the shaft seal and guide bearing to protect the shaft. The axial position of the impeller is adjusted by the upper end of the bearing component or the adjusting nut in the pump coupling, which is very convenient.

LC vertical long-axis pump can be equipped with control cabinet. It has many functions such as automatic start-stop, overload alarm and real-time remote monitoring. It can realize remote centralized control of multi-pump network. LC vertical long shaft pump with caliber greater than 500 mm has automatic exhaust system.

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