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Solutions of LC Vertical Long Shaft Pump

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Faults, Causes and Solutions of LC Vertical Long Shaft Pump


Cause of problems




The pump wouldnot start

1. The fault of motor or electricity-supply power.

2. There is foreign objects in the rotor parts.

3. The bearing is clogged.

4. Insufficient startup condition.


1.Repair the motor or electricity-supply power.

2.Clean the rotor parts.

3.Clean or change the bearing.

4. Check what is the problem and make it meet the startup requirement.


No fluid out or the flow rate is not enough

1.Sundries in the suction case, discharge head and impellers.

2. The gasket ring is seriously worn or the impeller is damaged.

3. Incorrect rotating direction.

4.The rotating speed is too low.

5.The submerged depth is not enough and there is air-in.

1.Clean filter, impeller, guide impeller body, discharge pipe and valves.

2. Replace the damaged parts.

3.Make the direction correct.

4.Test the voltage and frequency and check the motor.

5. Increase the suction height.




Overload of the pump power

1.The bearing is damaged ( including the guide bearing)

2. Foreign objects in the pump.

3. Friction between the impeller and gasket ring.

4. The packing is too tight.

5. The rotating is too fast.

6. The capacity is over specification.

7. Only single-phase electric wire is working.

1. Replace the bearing.

2. Get rid of the foreign objects.

3. Adjust the clearance.

4.Loosen the packing.

5.Test the voltage, frequency and motor and make it correct.

6. Reduce the discharge valve.

7. Ask professionals to check and repair it.


Abnormal vibration and noise

1. The submerged depth is not enough and there is NPSH in the pump.

2. The impeller is unbalanced.

3. The shafts are not concentric or got bent already.

4. The foundation bolts are loose.

5. The bearing is damaged.

6.The abrasion of the guide bearing and shaft sleeve cause the increased clearance.

7. The trouble in the discharge pipe.


1. Increase the absorption height and reduce the discharge gate valve.

2. Adjust the balance of the impellers.

3. Adjust the concentricity and straighten the shaft.

4.Tighten the foundation bolts.

5. Replace the bearing.

6. Replace the guide bearing and shaft sleeve.

7. Check the discharge pipe and get rid of the trouble.


Overheated bearing

1. The pump shaft and the motor shaft is misalign. And the pump shaft is inclined.

2. the damaged bearing.

3. There is no oil in the bearing.

1.Check and adjust the radial flop.

2.Replace the bearing.

3. Fill the lubricating oil.

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