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What are the causes of leakage of pump packing?

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Packing deterioration is one of the main reasons for excessive water leakage and short service life of pump packing. In addition, the causes of the failure include loss of elasticity and poor packing quality.

Among many fillers, asbestos filler is a kind of filler which is widely used at present. After drying and hardening, it will appear the phenomenon of hardening, which will greatly reduce the contact area with the pump shaft and increase wear and tear. Here is the reason for leakage of pump filler.

Long replacement period of filler, ageing of filler, poor quality of filler, loose structure, easy wear and failure are all the causes of water leakage of pump filler, so it is necessary to replace the filler.

In addition, in the process of pump operation, if the packing cap is too tight, the packing packs the pump shaft so that the water of the water seal ring can not pass smoothly, which leads to the phenomenon that the filler fails due to overheating and hardening due to insufficient cooling and lubrication. At this time, the packing cap should be tightened until the water drops out.

The inner ring of pump water seal ring is too small, the number of small holes on the ring is insufficient or blocked, the installation position of water seal ring is incorrect I water seal pipe is blocked, and the small gap between packing gland and pump shaft is also the cause of water leakage of pump packing.

Packing is an important part of the pump, its normal operation and packing has a great relationship, so in the daily use of the process, we must often check.

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