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Installation of VTP Series Vertical Long Shaft Pumps

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Installation of VTP Series Vertical Long Shaft Pumps

Before installation, the pump equipment must be checked.

Check spare parts and check whether they are lost or damaged.

Check the fitness of all assembled fasteners.

The disc pump shaft should be able to rotate smoothly.

Installation steps:

< 1 > Fill in the filter.

< 2 > Connect the lower drive shaft with the impeller shaft by coupling.

<3> Connect the downdraft pipe with the upper diversion shell with bolts.

<4> After lifting the connected parts, they are slowly put into the well, and then fixed on the square timber of the well platform by flange support.

<5> Install the guide bearing parts and the last transmission shaft and water pipe.

<6> Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all transmission shafts and water pipes are installed.

<7> Take out the filler in the filling chamber of the outlet elbow, lift the outlet elbow, make the upper axle pass through the filling chamber hole, connect the riser pipe with the outlet elbow, and then slowly lower it until the outlet elbow falls on the foundation.

< 8 > Install the packing and press the packing cap.

<9> According to different driving modes, the following steps are divided into three situations:

 ⅰ) General vertical motor drive

Firstly, the motor support is installed on the upper part of the water outlet elbow, then the thrust bearing body is fixed on the motor support with bolts, and the thrust bearing is inserted into the thrust bearing body. After the key is installed on the upper shaft, the bearing bushing is inserted, then the anti-reverse ratchet wheel is installed, finally the pump coupling is installed, and the small round nut (adjusting nut) is used to tighten it.

Figure 2. Component assembly of common vertical motor drive pump base

(ii) Hollow Shaft Motor Drive

Remove the waterproof cover at the upper end of the motor and lift the motor so that the upper shaft passes through the hollow rotor of the motor. The motor is installed on the outlet elbow and the adjusting nut is installed.

(iii) Drive through right-angle gearbox

Installation method is similar to hollow shaft motor drive.

<10> Adjust the axial clearance by adjusting the adjusting nut.

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